Lucie  Gagne
EDUCATION  EdD   Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership)     Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, Canada 2019 BA Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design                                                                    Kwantlen University College, Richmond, BC, Canada        1999 BA            Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Architecture)                   Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada 1997 Diploma    Associate in Interior Design                     Kwantlen College, Richmond, BC, Canada   1986            Academic Awards:  Graduated - with High Distinction Design Resource Association Bursary for scholastic achievement 1984/85 BC Telephone Company Award in recognition of scholastic achievement 1985 Province of British Columbia Scholarship for scholastic achievement 1985/86 SELECTED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2017 World Design Summit, conference and seminars. Montreal 2016 Educational Leave to conduct Doctoral Research, (2016 /2017) 2015 SFU Faculty of Education 2015 Summer Institute: Equity & Excellence 2015 IERG 10th International Conference on Imagination & Education. SFU 2014 SFU Faculty of Education – Public Square, Breaking the Mould: Innovations in Undergraduate Learning. SFU, Burnaby 2014 SFU, Faculty of Education 2014 Summer Institute: Professional Learning Communities. SFU, Surrey 2014 Annual Research & Knowledge Mobilization Day: Inter- and Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Polytechnic Education. KPU 2013 Forum on Global Competence: Global Competence in Education   –  KPU, Surrey Campus 2012 Interior Design Institute of BC (IDIBC) Educator’s Forum   –   Vancouver 2012 Festival of the Written Arts - Joel Bakan (The Corporation): Childhood Under Siege –Sechelt, BC 2012 BUILDEX conference and tradeshow: IDC / IIDA Leaders Breakfast & Keynote Panel – Vancouver 2012 Symposium on Engaged Learning   –   KPU, Surrey Campus 2011 BUILDEX - Keynote panel: The State of the Interior Design Profession   –  Vancouver 2011 NAFSA (National Association for Foreign Student Affairs) annual Conference: Innovation and Sustainability in International Education  –  Vancouver 2010 Conference of the Americas on International Education: Internationalization, Essential Building Blocks to Quality in 21st Century Education. Organized in conjunction with the 44th Annual Conference of the Canadian Bureau for International Education   –   Calgary 2010 BUILDEX - Keynote panel: Integrated Design  –  Vancouver 2009 Alliance of Canadian Educators in Interior Design (ACEID) Board meeting   –   Calgary 2008 IIDEX  Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference  – Toronto Environmental Keynote: Micheal Braungart - Cradle to Cradle: The New Design Paradim; Innovation Keynote: Jeremy Gutsche - Unlocking Cool  2008 Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) annual conference:  Negotiating a Modern Domesticity;      An Analysis of the “Process Book”; Defining Interior Design; Engaging the First Year Design Students: What can the lecture contribute?  –   Montreal, QC 2008 Design Northwest Conference: International Interior Design Roundtable - The Future Directions        of Design   –  Vancouver 2007 IIDEX Exposition & Conference: An Eco-Modernism Design initiative; Architectural Keynote: Michel Rojkind - Resonance: Echoes along a personal Journey; Environmental Keynote: Joe Van Belleghem - Challenge what We Know and learn From Nature   –  Toronto 2007 We need bright ideas NOW! - Panel discussion on Global warming/reduction  –  Vancouver 2007 Design Northwest Conference: International Interior Design Roundtable; Advanced Communication Skills; Successful Strategies for Dealing with the Definitely Difficult  –  Vancouver 2006 IIDEX Exposition & Conference: It’s not easy being Green; A cooler shade of Green; The Interior Design Profession’s Body of Knowledge: Gaining Perspective; Lighting Language: Updating your Lighting Vocabulary; Architectural Keynote: Jamie Fobert   –  Toronto 2005 IIDEX Exposition & Conference: Environmental Keynote: Ronald Wright  –  Toronto 2005 GLOBE  Biennial Conference & Trade Fair on Business and the Environment  –  Vancouver 2005 Design Northwest Conference: International Interior Design Roundtable  –  Vancouver 2004 International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Education Conference: Light & Health                by Naomi J. Miller  –  Vancouver 2004 IIDEX Exposition & Conference: Business Keynote: Joel Bakan - The Corporation; Environmental Keynote: Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon; Design Keynote: LOT-EK – Ada Tolla / Giuseppe Lignano; Education Forum – Toronto 2004 Design Northwest Conference: Roundtable on Architecture  –  Vancouver 2004 Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) annual Conference: Critical Review of Interior Design in the 20th Century; Women and Modernity in Interior Design; Towards a better Mousetrap; Lighting Workshop  –  Pittsburg, PA, USA 2002 Cooperative Learning Level II, Kwantlen University Coll.  –  Vancouver 2001 Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) annual Conference:  Internet-Based Instruction; Introduction of a laptop in an integrated Design Studio; The Middle East: unacknowledged source of the Gothic style  –  Chicago, Illinois, USA 2001 Cooperative Learning Level I, Kwantlen University Coll.  –  Vancouver 2001 Design Northwest: Arthur Erickson: The challenges facing Architecture & Design Vancouver 2000 Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) annual Conference: Perceptions of Relevance; Making Green Connections; Interior Design in the Millennium  –  Calgary 2000 Design Northwest: How to profit from the coming Demographic Shift by David K. 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