Lucie  Gagne
RELATED SKILLS Teaching students to think through and evaluate design solutions, to design critically, creatively, and thoughtfully - Providing students with redirection and improvement by considering progress, process as well as product -  Encouraging students to excel and to achieve their potential Employing a variety of methods of evaluation such as quizzes, pin-ups / critiques, self-evaluation, group evaluation, and industry competitions Coordination of the activities of the department/program in general - Coordinate educational planning and curriculum design and implementation - Providing a valuable overview of the needs of the profession and in turn ensure content is progressive, relevant and timely -  Provide support & foster student success Communication with clients, external organizations, businesses and institutions - Use of a variety of approaches appropriate to the explanation, demonstration and illustration of the subject matter Problem Solving - recognizing, addressing and resolving problems / issues with creative and effective solutions Research and assessment of products, materials, technologies and teaching pedagogies Digital literacy  - development of digital curriculum; delivery of documents and course resources available to students via Course websites (Moodle); enabling ongoing availability of information including communication with other students and/or instructors Development of Marketing Strategies and Proposals Business Management and Supervision of employees and sub-consultants Management of projects including objectives, requirements, tasks, work flows, timelines and budgets - Coordination of project deliverables Bilingual -  fluent in both spoken and written English and French PERSONAL QUALITIES Motivation   Strong emotional intelligence and action-oriented; self-disciplined, persistent and reliable fulfilling responsibilities and pursuing challenging goals. Diligent and motivated with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Effectiveness   Well-organized, efficient, has a good sense of priorities. Self-confident in dealing with a wide scope of issues and remains calm and collected under pressure. Sound instincts for selecting appropriate methods and course of action to achieve goals; resourceful, meticulous, practical and creative in devising workable solutions to problems without compromising professional ethics. Human Relations  A team player with good social awareness and relationship management skills. Positive, approachable, sensitive to people and their needs; able to work effectively and harmoniously with others. Open to and encouraging of a diversity of opinion. Has a calm flexible demeanor; has a sense of humour. Leads by example with a strong sense of ethics and personal integrity.