“I take the liberty of expressing my appreciation for Lucie Gagne's role in the past and the value of her continued involvement in the new team.” Moshe Safdie  ~ Parkin / Safdie Architects Letter to Dr. Shirley L. Thompson, director, National  Gallery of Canada, August 1988 “Thank you for the contributions you have made to the committee.  Your dedication and commitment were always very evident….you made the committee a more effective one.”   Dana Cserepes, Chair,    Kwantlen Degree Proposal Assessment Committee, Nov. 2002 Alumni: “… you taught me well!! You were instrumental in my learning journey and will always be during my career. Instructors and designers like you make all the difference in the world and the your impact on that difference you made in me still resonates within…perhaps more so now than before, as one needs time to go by in order to fully grasp or appreciate certain things. Well, I appreciate you. Thank you!”   Stephanie Gust, B&H Architects BADID, IDIBC, LEED AP ID+C®,  2011 Students: “Thank you for being our leader and strongest advocate. This program would be diminished without your support and guidance, and I feel so fortunate to say that you watched us take our baby steps only a few years ago. While that time has flown, I feel like a junior designer who just needs some polish now. What an amazing ride, and I feel so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”   Judi Babcock, 2014 “I haven't had a teacher care that much about my performance since elementary school and it is the mark of a true educator. It renewed my faith in my education as well as encouraged me on many other deep levels so thank you for striving so hard and taking the extra time for those who require a little extra push. You are probably the best teacher I've ever had and it's that little bit of effort that has truly made a difference for me.”    Ryan Barker, 2012 “… I meant to give thanks to you for the last 8 months, you were a great instructor especially in learning the fundamentals of design. I found your vast knowledge, experience and expertise inspiring to learn from and look forward to taking this knowledge and applying it in years to come. Thank-you.”     Whitney Robinson, 2012 “I’m not sure that I ever thanked you for being such an inspirational teacher to me in the 4 years.  I will always remember your genuine interest in the growth and creativity towards us, the students…  in times when it felt impossible, you pushed us and made us believe in ourselves.  I think teachers like you change the world!”    Stephanie Gust, 2009   “Over the last year you have continued to be available for any consultation or advice that I have requested, and you have offered that advice full heartedly and with sincerity.  I want you to know how much I appreciate that.    I realize that instructors like you are not easily found.  Your genuine compassion for the advancement of your students and your passion for design shines through everything you do.”    Farzeen, 2008 “Your dedication to Kwantlen, interior design and your students is inspiring.”    Alison Janzen, 2008 Class of 2012: “Thank you for your time & dedication to get us out of our small design boxes and out into the world of challenging responsive and innovative design, your push means everything.” Jill H. “I will forever respect your knowledge and encouragement for creative freedom.  You have inspired me greatly!”   Jules “Thank you so much for your endless support and guidance for my growth as a designer – I truly feel that your effort and time have made all the difference to my studies, Thanks.”   Amy